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Solve x + 1 = x + 1

How to solve x + 1 = x + 1? Get the answer and stepwise instruction to solve linear equation in one variable 𝒙.

Steps for finding the solution

We have x + 1 = x + 1

First, we move the x terms to the LHS and constant terms to the RHS of the equation, inverting the sign on the terms. This is also called transposing method.

Transposition is a faster method and combines the following two steps, were we to solve the equation by:
i) Subtracting 1 from both sides
ii) Subtracting x from both sides

Therefore, x - x = 1 - 1

or, 0x = 0

Since we have 0 = 0, a true statement, x can be any real number.

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